Friday, 20 April 2018

To Art, I Give Myself

to Art, i give myself
my trembling hands and broken voice
some cracked hallelujah, long-forgotten rejoice
that echoes, quiet from moments lost
soft kisses from lovers
who weaved and then crossed
'neath stars

memories, i offer them open
to Art, the repairer of hearts left broken
to Art, i give my body
my lungs and my air
these body-clothes that made this life so hard to bear
i remove them
and float
for a minute or two
and succumb to the Art
undoing the I from the You

to Art, i surrender
in Art i shall trust
to hold safe in death
what must turn to dust
for Art is what's holy
it's Art which succeeds
it's Art which will save me
when i lay down to bleed

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