Sunday, 1 July 2012

Lavender Wedding Workshop!

Lavender Wedding Workshop!

I had an amazing time on Wednesday down near London hosting my Lavender Wedding Workshop!

The wedding workshops are designed to give participating photographers, amateur or pro, a chance to broaden their portfolio into the wedding industry with a little edge, or just spruce up their portfolio with some stunning new shots!

As a wedding photographer myself, sometimes in real mile-a-minute weddings you just don't get the chance to sit and think properly about poses, locations, lighting and have the chance to properly create something that really stands out in your portfolio. When I do weddings, I plan a few "standout" portraits in advance, and the rest is left to my brain on the day! So these workshops have been great for me as well as everyone else who has come so far - not only do I get a chance to get some kickass wedding pictures, but I get to make a mental storage of poses, locations etc that work well for portraits!

Also, I don't know about you lucky Americans, but people in England generally don't have lovely outdoor wedding receptions - probably due to the fact that it absolutely pours it down 95% of the time!! For some odd reason every workshop I've planned so far has landed on a miraculously warm, sunny day, so it's been great getting pictures of a set-up table that people can also put in their portfolios.

Here are my pictures from the day! It was absolutely brilliant, every person who came was warm and friendly, we had so much good banter and Emma & James (our "bride" and "groom") were superstars - spending the whole day kissing and cuddling, you'd have thought they were made for the job ;)

 Make-up was done by Tabby Casto - who went through an epic journey to get to the workout and STILL brought so much energy and fun to the day!! Tabby is amazing!

 We hijacked some of the picnic benches, and set up this table! Some young schoolgirls found it while we were shooting in an opposite field and I think it made their day! They kept running up to us asking if they'd just got married! Aww!

Thankyou SO MUCH to everyone who came - I left that day exhausted but so HAPPY and feeling like I had made 20 new friends! Hopefully I will see everyone again for more madness or just drinks and cinema mmm! I will put all behind the scenes on the facebook page! :D

Yay! xx