Friday, 31 July 2015


When my mind rattles inside this body
My thoughts ricochet like a rubber ball, locked in a wooden box
I've read this page before.
The colour begins to drain from this room
"I do not need you, I do not need you" I repeat, I repeat.
The music does not sit comfortably in my ears tonight,
Words don't rhyme or form
I'm a fever - there's iron in my blood.
I smell like gunpowder.

I pass you the lighter, say "go on, do your worst"
Drenched in my past, sweat it out first
Eyes awake - wild, childlike and open
Clench them both shut and await my explosion

And with two arms around my shoulders
You wrap me up tight
Squeeze out the heaviness
Until I am light

A cold compress upon my mess
Damp eyes, soft on the floor
Extinguished out, I breathe the words

"I'll always love you more."

Monday, 20 July 2015


The way he loved me
was foreplay
teased and searched every corner
of me
searching for forgotten holes
to fill with ecstasy
and his kisses
plunged his fingers
deep inside
my mind
and gripped,
so I wouldn't forget
how he felt
inside my head

Monday, 6 July 2015

Like That

I lay with my hair tied down
Insects carry themselves across my arms, mountains
an orchestra of tiny limbs
marching, humming from the ground
I open my eyes to the Big Blue
Then I shut them and the world drops dead
and no one to pick the spiders from my head
Left alone to spin and sew
mind constellations which come and go
Spin me, spin me back into a child
With laughter spilling from my eyes
I roll and the silence sweeps in,
I taste the honey
and I think
this life has always
been this sweet