Saturday, 13 August 2016

Sit With Me A While

Tonight you came, soft and quiet
and sat with me for a while
I knew because my entire body flooded with calm
and tears rolled down my cheeks, I smiled
as you sat with me for a while
You wore soft piano and a gentle summer breeze
Ran your fingers across my forehead,
You didn't need to say a word
because you sat with me for a while
I felt your hand, I saw the creases by your eyes
that I kissed, and did again tonight
as you sat with me for a while

Saturday, 6 August 2016

I look up at the sky
It is navy, clouded, empty
There are no metaphors tonight
I hear gleeful screams through the branches of the trees
Cheers and jeers and
riddled fears are in my mind
I'd hoped this pain would make other pain incomparable
The taste of something so bitter would stick to my tongue
Like ice, the temperature of the world would drop
And any small joy would radiate, like a swallowed star
That any other sorrow would simply fade
as a stitch buried deep into a patchwork of sadness
And yet pain feels as pain ever did
And yet somehow I feel weaker now than ever
But better equipped
Tell me that a spirit doesn't crumble with a body
Don't tell me that a body just learns how to hold a crumbled spirit
And rebuild it
And rebuild it
And rebuild it.
I sigh, and let the crickets sing to me for now
I loosen my grip on my excitement once more
Welcome sorrow, sit with her a while
And when she dissipates, I shall make room for more.