Thursday, 29 November 2012

Things I Have Learned

Woah, jeez, I just logged on here and saw it's been 4 MONTHS since I updated on here.

This is pretty terrible!

I think lately it's been dawning on me that I have been pretty slack on certain areas of my life, and overdosing on other parts. I've learned to loooove running a photography business again - hosting the wedding workshops, introducing the editing dvd, doing 1-1 sessions with people and shooting musicians and weddings has been awesome this year! I really wanted to "knock every shoot out of the park" - at least, that was what I wrote down as my aim last year, when I was listing my life away :)

But on the other hand, where in some ways I feel successful - I've done well for my bank account this year, saved up and made money (which technically is great, and I should be proud) I have neglected other areas which kind of make the clog turn.

Like this blog.

I've been so consumed with emails about my business, I have neglected the lovely ones from people just stopping by to say "hi". I went through them the other day, replied to about 20 of these, and I got so many nice, understanding replies back from people saying "Aw, I'm just glad you replied!" that it made my heart a little sad. 

It's great to feel like you're being successful from a financial point of view, but what I have learned recently, is that if I neglect the non-finanicial aspects of running a business - being a friend to people, being helpful, being grateful and nice; then the fun work starts to slowly fade out, and you're left being offered to shoot still life photographs of books for a leaflet. Eep.

So, I have decided to become a rambler.

And I will try not to promote this blog in anyone's face, as I have also learned that treating people like spambots doesn't do you any favours, either! But I will quietly ramble to myself about general day to day musings - and put in some pictures too, for those who like ze visuals!

I will try not to promote any products or services I may provide, unless I have had an experience which I think makes for a good learning lesson that is useful to share. Because after all, who wants to hear about that stuff all the time? That's what twitter is for :) ;)

So this shall be my ramble blog, for my general day to day updates on what I've learned, what I'm learning. I've refrained from being so open in the past about my personal life, because I know that the people who are involved in my personal life don't necessarily want their lives blogged about, too.

That said, this is my life - and I am a sharer. So I will try and do it as fairly as possible :) 

I'm actually pretty excited about this. Wellies on, it's time for a ramble.