Sunday, 4 July 2010

London Workshops!

Finally, the long awaited and well overdue workshop post is here!
Here are some pictures from the two days!

The workshop started off with everyone getting together on the super comfy sofas at the studio I rented in Bow, London - we were even lucky enough to have cupcakes donated for the group from
Wabie's new cupcake shop in Wimbledon! You too can munch on the goodness here! Thanks, Wabie!!

After going of technical bits and bobs and discussing the conceptual and creative side to photography, we went on with the shoot! Our two fantastic models, Nhuc and Maja were great and put up with having butterflies and flour thrown at them all day! :P

After showing everyone how to set up lights and how to use them for their desired effect (check out that fancy lingo) everyone else then got to shoot with the model, and try out my camera equipment if they wanted! Check Jess out with the almighty 70-200mm 2.8!

Candice went patriotic with her South Africa shirt...

Then it was my turn to pelt Nhuc with flour while everyone else took shots!

Two fantastic moments that day were that Steph and I turned up in exactly the same outfit, great minds think alike!! :D

And two of our workshopees at the first workshop actually attend the same school together! The look on Andy's face was priceless when he realized!

After everyone getting some one-on-one time, we took the images to the projector screen to edit them for the last hour in the studio.

And here are the finally images from both days!

After a long day of fun, learning, chatting, flour sneezing and shooting, we all went to the pub/dinner to discuss business aspects of photography, how to make money and random life chit chat!

To everyone who came - you are all SO wonderful. Every single person who came to the workshops came with an open mind and a massive smile, and made me feel so at home when I was terrified! I don't think I could have asked for a more fantastic bunch of people to spend my time with.

You can check out everyone's work and pictures from the workshop here!

For more info and updates on future workshops in Manchester and London, email me at or check out the Rosie Hardy Workshops Facebook Group!


  1. Hya, I'm Jana, an eighteen year old girl from Belgium. I'm writing tis comment because I'm in looooooove with all your photographs. I'm following you for allmost a year on flickr. I love watching your photographs. They are so inspiring. They really make me think about things, and give me a certain feeling. You look like a wonderful and sweet girl with a very big heart and sooo much inspiring thoughts.

    x Jana

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