Friday, 14 January 2011

Wanted: Aspiring Wedding Photographers

So, I have some rather exciting news!

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I've been looking to expand my wedding photography business for sometime now, and in doing so I'm always looking for new ways to help out the people who support me online.

What's the plan?

I often get questions from people on my formspring who would like to start earning money with their photography but who do not know where to begin. After giving this some thought, what I'd like to do is begin to build a very small trial-agency of photographers who would be interested in me getting them jobs.

Basically, any excess jobs I cannot make or do not have time for, I'd like to be able to pass on to photographers who want to learn AND earn fairly at the same time. Once I have a small collection of people, I'd give them a light confidence course in the types of shoots they'd be doing if they would like one.

Who can inquire and apply?

I'm looking for around 3-5 photographers, all with different degrees of skill, from the UK mainly (though if you are from overseas and decide to send, I will keep you on a list for overseas jobs)

You don't need qualifications or training. I'm looking for people of all different levels of skill and experience, who are willing to learn. All work will be paid! Of course! :)

How to do I inquire/apply?

This little project o' mine is still in the very very baby stages of coming together, but if anyone is interested, please send a portfolio of 20 images attached to an email to

Please attach the following details, along with the images:

Location (City and Country):
Willing to travel? If yes how far:

Interested in shooting:
a) Weddings
b) Family & Life
c) Models
d) Event (parties, etc)
e) Band/Artist work
f) All of the above

What do you feel you bring to the table/would like to be able to achieve with your photography

All emails will be reviewed and responded to as soon as possible. If the positions are already filled, I can keep you on a list for future work if this idea works out!! :D

Thanks for reading and please get in touch if this is up your street.

Rosie xx


  1. Such a great idea, Rosie! You're so kind. I wish I lived in the UK

    I'm looking forward to see what will happen. Good luck!

  2. So will you be training interns to deliever photos similar in style to the ones you post on your flickr or the wedding pictures you've been taking in the last few months? I guess if people asked for Rosie Hardy, they would be expecting something like that, right?

    Also will this offer be available in another year or so? I would love to give it a shot one day, But I don't know anything about photography yet so I think it would be pointless applying right now, but if this goes well for you, do you think you'll employ/possibly train more people in the future?

  3. Great idea = looking forward to seeing how it develops.

  4. GOD! i wish i live in UK! i love all your work Rosie... u are so awesome~ i really hope to join u.

  5. I just discovered your site and your work is lovely. I was actually thinking about working as a photographer (I´m currently working on a media agency) but I don´t know if It would be fun... and not to mention I don´t know where to beginn!! This is a great idea. Maybe I will send an example of my work ;)

    Good Luck!!!

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