Friday, 26 August 2011

Day 9

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“I have had my dream - like others -

and it has come to nothing,

so I remain now, carelessly

with feet planted on the ground

and look up at the sky.”

- William Carlos Williams

I love this quote, one of my favourites. This shot is from Rachel's wedding earlier this year! Looking forward to posting more from it when I get back on tuesday!

The next Manchester Levitation workshop is now going full steam ahead for the 23rd September! For more info shoot me an email to I'm also crazy excited to announce that in a month or so i'll be releasing some editing tutorials! They'll be between 30min- 1hr long and super cheap. So stay tuned for more info on that, and feel free to leave any suggestions of what to do them on!

Have a lovely day all, heads up! :D

Rosie x


  1. Love this photo! :) thanks for sharing and enjoy your weekend with family.

    ~ Nina

  2. This is fantastic! :) Love the composition!