Tuesday, 6 September 2011

My apartment has the best walls ever

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So, I'm all moved into my new apartment! The reason I picked this place was because THE WALLS ARE AMAZING! It's like living in a beautiful studio straight out of a Vogue set. Sigh. Freckin' awesome!!

Anyway, since I have these gorgeous walls & am paying dearly for them, it seems natural not to hide em away, so i've decided to attempt to launch some mini-beauty shoots (like the example you see above).

I'm hoping to take the regular boudoir style-photoshoot and make it light, airy and classy with some romantic shoots between twigs and cherry blossoms thrown in. I'm gonna start doing these at a fraction of regular shoot price because
a) it's a lot more simple
b) it doesn't take too long
and c) i've never done boudoir before!

So if anyone fancies a trip to Manchester for one of these shoots, get in touch :D They'd make lovely gifts for husbands and boyfriends or even just to feel awesome bout yourself. And now I feel super cheesy for saying that :P

Anyway, shoots will start at £99 for a really short time only. Bring your fancy pants! ;)

Rosie xx


  1. I just shot boudoir for the first time a couple of weeks ago, and would have killed to have your room as a set!

  2. Feel free to rent it any time Wendy :D hope your shoot went well!!! xx

  3. You continue to be an inspiration Rosie. Hope you settled in well and best of health

  4. Beautiful shot! and I'm very jealous of your walls LOL! x

  5. Gorgeous photo... AWESOME walls!

  6. all the way from Australia, you have no idea how much I would love to! Perhaps I could suggest a trip over the other side of the world to my husband?

  7. you are absoluteeeely beautiful, but those walls!!....they look beautiful too! any more info on them?:)

  8. You're gorgeous AND talented??? It's not fair.

  9. Congratulations on your new walls (hehe)!!
    I'm totally envious, and equally excited for you! Wish you all the best in your new home ^_^

  10. A friend of mine does AMAZING boudoir photography. If you're interested in checking out his stuff, it's at: www.dallasboudoir.com

    Take care, Rosie. Good luck!

  11. Congrats to you new home and these beautiful walls!
    I'm really exited for you and looking for your first boudoir shots!

    Greetings from Hamnburg, Germany

  12. The walls are pretty snazzy. Looks like you found yourself a pretty comfortable apartment. I hope you continue to enjoy that place while you're living in it!

  13. WOW - awesome job blending an innocent look with subtle sex - you've got the combo down! Nice work!

    Just found your blog today via Moiara Dragan. Really cool stuff :)

  14. I’ve learned a lot from your blog here, Keep on going, my friend, I will keep an eye on it,

  15. Hi Rosie,

    Could you let us know what the shoot includes? Is it just one final shot etc? Thanks, Alena x