Monday, 20 April 2015


"Planemo; n. A stray planet with no sun to orbit. It was ejected from it's solar system while forming by other planets' gravitational forces."

I am a planemo.
A rogue soul,
Cosmic wanderer;
A body flung from home

I am alone.

'neath my feet the Universe, she breathes
In my eyes she groans, she sighs
And grip my seat

I could feel my heart beat

The stars were emptied onto fields
that day
I picked them like flowers,
to watch them decay

It's better that way

And deep in the black soot dusted night
there, in the corner of my sight
I see you wandering, I feel your breathing
with nothing stopping you from leaving
A thousand million miles away

So close together,
but Alone we'll stay.

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