Friday, 31 July 2015


When my mind rattles inside this body
My thoughts ricochet like a rubber ball, locked in a wooden box
I've read this page before.
The colour begins to drain from this room
"I do not need you, I do not need you" I repeat, I repeat.
The music does not sit comfortably in my ears tonight,
Words don't rhyme or form
I'm a fever - there's iron in my blood.
I smell like gunpowder.

I pass you the lighter, say "go on, do your worst"
Drenched in my past, sweat it out first
Eyes awake - wild, childlike and open
Clench them both shut and await my explosion

And with two arms around my shoulders
You wrap me up tight
Squeeze out the heaviness
Until I am light

A cold compress upon my mess
Damp eyes, soft on the floor
Extinguished out, I breathe the words

"I'll always love you more."

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