Sunday, 2 October 2016

5.30am Surfing

Today it is my birthday, and I leave behind my 25th year.

I think I'll always remember 25 as the year I finally stopped wading in the shallow waters - the year I learned to surf!

I'll remember 25 as the year I met the most spectacular man, who captivated and fascinated me like never before. The year I learned what a healthy, kind, loving relationship looked and felt like, so that I never settle for anything less. Learning what mattered wasn't trying to balance on the same board together, but being able to catch our own waves out on a shared sea - and afterwards, to run to each other on the shore, gasping, sparkly-eyed and salty, shouting "Did you see it, did you see it!? Wasn't that something!?"

I'll remember 25 as the year I learned how to lose things - completely and ungraciously. Some pain and suffering in life is unnecessary, but some deserves to be felt in every inch of your being. At 25 I learned that actually, I couldn't withstand the heartbreak that came with losing him. That everything I knew could still be shattered into a thousand shards of flesh and heart, but that even in my most vulnerable and childlike moments of grief, this world has still not ceased to bring me awe and wonder.

And at 26, I'm making a promise to myself to catch as many waves I can. Especially the big, foaming, crashing waves under trembling, brumous skies - regardless of the predators that might lurk beneath, regardless of whether I'm going to be knocked unconscious with a surfboard to the face. Because at 25, I learned that I'll always emerge from the sea - bloody and bruised perhaps, but always awake, always alive, always eyes sparkling. And I'll always run into his arms, shouting "Did you see it!? Did you see it!? Wasn't that something!!!"


  1. Happy birthday! I admire your courage and strength.
    Your words here lift me up as I will also learn to catch as many waves I can.

    Thank you and again, happy birthday!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday Rosie, I am in awe at the way you look at life and the strength that you show everyday through your images. Being so vulnerable especially in front of the camera is a hard thing for anyone to do but you make it look easy. Life is difficult and as you said some pain are unnecessary but deserves to be felt. It's such a beautiful way to put it.

    Just so you know, there will always be people on the surface waiting for you to emerge and waving our arms wildly when you do and feeling excited that you caught that first wave (because you're such a talent and I'm sure you would pick surfing up quite easily, whether it's metaphorical or not hahaha)

    Anyways, Good Luck with Surfing (if you do end up going here in Australia) and show those sharks who's the boss! :D

  3. Rosie, your writing is always so beautiful. I feel as if you can put words to thoughts and feelings that are hard to express.
    The world is excitedly awaiting all that you have yet to do and experience. You are a beautiful person and have brought as much into so many others' lives.
    Best wishes in your 26th year!! Xx

  4. Rosie wishing you birthday, your poem is so cute. you write awesome. happy birthday